A Healthy, Primal Approach to the Keto Diet—with Lindsay Taylor – EP109

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There is a lot of controversy and misunderstanding around the ketogenic diet. And the fact is, any diet that results the liver making ketones qualifies, whether it’s healthy or not. So, how do you sift through the information overload to integrate keto in a way that feels good to you? How do you get away from the value judgements and choose foods that get you closer to your health goals? How can you bring a primal approach to the keto diet, continue to enjoy healthy carbs AND achieve ketosis?




An expert on the primal/paleo and ketogenic diets and lifestyle, Lindsay Taylor, PhD, serves as the Senior Writer and Researcher at Primal Blueprint Publishing. She coauthored The Keto Reset Diet Cookbook and The Keto Reset Instant Pot Cookbook with Mark Sisson and collaborated with Layla McGowan to write Keto Passport. A psychologist by training, Lindsay shares her expertise around mindset, goal-setting and lifestyle change to Mark’s Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint Podcast. An avid ultrarunner and triathlete, she is the lead moderator of the popular Primal Endurance and Keto Reset Facebook communities.

Today, Lindsay joins us to explain how endurance sport sparked her interest in nutrition. She shares her take on keto ‘haters’ and describes her primal approach to the keto diet. Lindsay also discusses why the average person doesn’t necessarily need to be in a constant state of ketosis and offers insight into how someone might gain weight while they’re on—or right after they stop—a keto diet. Listen in to understand the danger in labeling foods as good or bad and learn how healthy food choices are an act of self-care!

Topics Covered

[1:38] How endurance sport sparked Lindsay’s interest in nutrition

  • Forged friendships training for first triathlon with group at local gym
  • Decided to take training more seriously, started to look at food as fuel
[5:05] Lindsay’s take on keto ‘haters’

  • Branded as fad diet (for quick weight loss)
  • No one way to do keto, some unhealthy
[8:23] An example of an unhealthy keto diet

  • Come from primal sensibility (care about food quality)
  • 4 hamburger patties, butter coffee, sugar-free Cool Whip + fluff
[9:56] Lindsay’s advice on navigating the science of keto

  • Only restrict as much as have to (carbs from veggies, nuts)
  • Find source of reliable basic information
[12:45] Lindsay’s insight on being in constant ketosis

  • Important for medical applications (i.e.: MS, cancer)
  • Not necessary for average person
[15:47] The biggest myth around the keto diet

  • Misunderstanding that ketosis causes weight loss
[18:05] The possibility of gaining weight on/after a keto diet

  • Doesn’t give free reign to eat as much fat as want
  • Return to processed foods will cause inflammation
  • Water weight gain immediately after going off keto
  • May not process carbs as well after years on keto (physiological insulin resistance)
[23:00] The danger in placing value judgements on food

  • Causes people to shut down or turn off
  • Guilt + shame not motivating long-term
[27:31] Why Lindsay wrote the Keto Passport cookbook

  • People burn out on repetition of meat + vegetables
  • Don’t have to give up love of cooking or culture
[30:41] The dishes in Keto Passport that required significant changes

  • Substitute cauliflower in Jollof/Omurice
  • Dolmas (rice stuffed grape leaves)
[35:41] Lindsay’s top advice for Ali Fitness listeners

  • Don’t stress out over one perfect path
  • Make choices that make you feel good

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