A Community Approach to Long-Term Health & Wellness with Julie Ralston of Primal Health – EP88

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There are a number of different health and fitness professionals who can help you reach your goals, each of whom will see your situation through a different lens. But what if you had a team of experts who could look at your health from many angles and leverage their own experiences with body image, the psychology of eating, nutrition and fitness training? What if you had a community to help you achieve health and fitness for the long term?




Julie Ralston ran a successful natural pet store for 15 years before expanding her interest to include human health and wellness. Now she is a Primal Health Coach, certified Primal Play Instructor and a student of the Psychology of Eating. Julie is passionate about helping real women make solid choices that bring more vibrance into their lives, and to that end, she is teaming up with Ali and Jen Zetterstrom to found Primal Health, a program that provides personalized coaching to help women implement sustainable changes for lasting health and wellness.

Today, Julie is taking charge of the podcast, asking Ali to share her inspiration to support women through Primal Health. Ali gets personal, discussing the childhood experiences that led to her issues with body image and the psychological aspects of health and wellness. We learn about Ali’s path from being a bit overweight to running marathon distances on a daily basis as well as the health issues she suffered as a result of overtraining. Ali also discusses her current eating habits and how her views on sleep and training have evolved over time. Listen in for insight around the common struggles among women Ali has trained and learn how she and Julie are helping other women through the Primal Health community!

Topics Covered

[3:01] Ali’s insight on the concept of home

  • Lived in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and NYC
  • Not about where live but who you’re around
[5:13] A week in the life of Ali Watts

  • Prioritize sleep, at least seven hours
  • OURA, Elite HRV for readiness score
  • Conscious training (balance mobility, strength)
  • Gymnastics training, kettlebells, rings and cycling
[11:48] Ali’s eating habits and nutrition

  • No meat, loves fish and seafood
  • Good balance of macronutrients
  • Healthy carbs (i.e.: vegetables)
[17:37] Ali’s transition from corporate to fitness coaching

  • Always had passion for sports, health
  • Rose through ranks in banking
  • Several training courses (e.g.: yoga, PT)
  • Left banking eight years ago
[20:03] Ali’s relationship with body image as a teen

  • Unwanted sexual experience as preteen
  • Made self unattractive for protection
  • Lost weight hitchhiking through Japan
  • Got into running to stay thin
  • Suffered from chronic fatigue
[27:44] The health issues associated with overtraining

  • Major IBS, diagnosed with osteopenia
  • Form of anorexia (not eating enough)
  • Struggle to get pregnant at 1% body fat
  • Rough seven years of IUI and IVF
  • Double hip surgery
[36:10] The common struggles among the women Ali trains

  • Many have osteopenia, need resistance training
  • Hormone imbalances and psychological factors
[42:44] Julie and Ali’s new project called Primal Health

  • Team of professionals with different expertise
  • Inspire women to pursue optimal health
[45:38] What Ali is digging right now

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