Glyphosate & the Risks of Vaccination —with MIT Senior Research Scientist Stephanie Seneff – EP91

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As the upsurge in neurological and autoimmune disease continues to grow, it is time to get curious about why. What is behind the deteriorating state of our health? MIT Research Scientist Stephanie Seneff has been poring over the data in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, and she believes that the toxic chemicals in our food supply combined with the toxins we inject in our children in the form of vaccines are causing immune overload and weakening our immune systems in the long-term.

Stephanie has a BS in biophysics, an MS and EE in electrical engineering, and a PhD in electrical engineering and computer science, all from MIT. In her 30-year career in research, she has published more than 170 peer-reviewed articles and delivered keynotes at a number of international conferences. Today, Stephanie’s work focuses on the relationship between nutrition and health, and since 2011, she has published 30-plus papers on drug side effects and the impact of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health.

Today, Stephanie joins us to discuss the concept of vaccines, explaining how they weaken our innate immunity and why they often contain toxic chemicals. She introduces the research around autism and the compulsory MMR vaccine, the dangers associated with GARDASIL, and the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine. Stephanie also speaks to the vaccines required for school attendance in the US and the disinformation campaign that leads the public to believe there is no downside. Listen in for insight into the lack of accountability in the vaccine industry and get Stephanie’s advice on avoiding toxic chemicals like glyphosate in the food supply and strengthening your immune system naturally!

Topics Covered

[1:19] The concept of vaccines

  • Give child small does of antigen
  • Immune system develops antibodies
[2:36] Stephanie’s take on the flu vaccine

  • Weakens innate immunity
  • Wipes out main strains but others grow
[5:09] The toxic chemicals in vaccines

  • 50% contain mercury
  • Aluminum found in brains of autistic kids
[7:25] The dangers of GARDASIL

  • Claims to protect from cervical cancer
  • May cause infertility, early menopause
[10:12] The compulsory vaccines for school attendance

  • Need doctor’s excuse to obtain waiver
  • Requirements differ by state
[11:28] The risks of the MMR vaccine

  • Reaction of high fever, seizures
  • Children regress into autism
  • Glutamate + glyphosate attacks myelin sheet
[16:34] How glyphosate gets into vaccines

  • Virus grown on gelatin derived from collagen
  • Produced by animals fed heavy doses in feed
[19:21] The growing number of autistic children

  • Half of children on spectrum by 2032
  • Glyphosate, vaccines and toxic chemicals
[21:38] The chances of dying from measles

  • Measles deaths very rare
  • Strengthens innate immune system
  • Viruses may be source of genetic change
[25:25] Stephanie’s view of necessary vaccines

  • Used to think small pox and polio needed
  • Now believes entire concept broken
[27:10] The 2017 study of DPT vaccine in African kids

  • Vaccinated infants at 5X greater risk of mortality
  • Malnourishment made more susceptible
[28:54] The compulsory vaccines in the US

  • More requirements than any other country
  • Highest infant mortality rate of industrialized nations
[30:49] The lack of accountability in the vaccine industry

  • 1986 law protects companies from liability
  • Contain glyphosate and toxic metals
[34:32] The disinformation campaign on vaccines

  • Public led to believe no downside
  • Toxins in food supply + vaccines = immune overload
[36:35] Stephanie’s advice for young mothers

  • Get past process legally (e.g.: doctor’s waiver, religious exemption)
  • Homeschool children if necessary
[38:05] Stephanie’s advice on strengthening the immune system

  • Buy certified organic, nutrient-dense food
  • Get sunlight, exercise outdoors
  • Avoid toxic chemicals

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